Crab Mold (Grandma Sharon)

This is a great party appetizer and even better when you have fresh cooked Dungeness Crab available.

Quantity Ingredient
1 envelope (1 TBSP) Knox Gelatine
1 Can Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup
8 oz, Cream Cheese
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 cup Chopped Celery
1 stalk Green Onion (Minced)
1 Can or Fresh Cooked (8 oz.) Crab Meat
1 Dash Worcestershire Sauce


1. Chop up celery
2. Mince green onion
3. Heat cream of chicken soup (don’t add water)
4, Dissolve gelatin with 3 TBSP of cold water
5. Stir gelatin mixture into soup and add the rest of the ingredients
6. Pour into mold and chill
7. Unmold onto serving tray when ready to serve.
8, Serve with Crackers of your choice