Fremont Rental is no longer available

After one 4 hour showing we had 35 groups come through, 15 applications and selected a family with 2 daughters moving from NJ. Best of wishes to them in their new home and we hope they enjoy the change of scenery and weather coming from the East Coast.

School is starting up soon

So it's almost the end of the summer and the kids will be heading back to school again soon.

Evan joins the Middle School ranks, Sammi is starting her High School career and Michael is entering his 4th year at UCD with more to come after he takes his MCAT.

Kathy started a new business

Kathy;s K9 & Kat Kare

Kathy has started up a new Pet Care business.

You can check it all out at

Of course I set up the site but she's doing all the marketing, promotions and work to launch the company.

Don't forget to "like" it if your a Facebook user.

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